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Diorama Modeller
"At the Gates" Giuseppe Randazzo
Australian Matilda on Tarakan Island Stefan Bernet
"A Lapse in Concentration" Matt Yates
"Budapest, 1956" Kálmán Forintos
"Coming Through" Terence Young
"The End is Near" Andrew Judson
"The French Referee" Tyre Lebanon, 1983 Norman Lim
Marder III Sd.Kfz. 139 Andrew Judson
Panzer IV Ausf. D on the Russian Front Eddie Maige
LAV-25 diorama Carlos Pitteri
"Iraqi Freeedom" courtyard vignette (in progress) Theo Naus
The Tiger's Last Roar In Stavelot Kim Hyun
The Dragon and the Wolf Ian Hill
"Pegasus Bridge" diorama (1/72) Guy De Lillio
Jagdpanzer IV Hans-Karl Gieseler
"Hoarfrost at the morning" Giuseppe Randazzo
"Enemy tanks" diorama Chen Ping
'Passage' Giuseppe Randazzo
LCI at D-Day diorama Guy SW DeLillio
"Red Tide Rising" (Berlin 1945) diorama Adam N. P. Wilder, Carlos Elias Llop and Abilio Piñeiro
"In der Falle" (Kingtiger in Hungary 1945) Robert Doepp
LCT D-Day diorama Guy S W DeLillio
Tiger 1, s.Pz.abt 507, Russia, winter 1943 Shigeyuki Mizuno
"Bounce the Rhine" Steve Zaloga
"Mine Damage" Robert Doepp
British XXX Corps at Arnhem dio, September 1944 Guy S W DeLillio
M4 Sherman vs. Type 97, Saipan, July 1944 diorama Shigeyuki Mizuno
"Operation Cobra" vignette Steve Zaloga
Panzernest 1944 Steve Zaloga
Operation Market Garden diorama (1/72) Guy DeLillio
"After the battle" - Russia, 1943 Hvisc Radoslav
"Close Encounter" – North Africa, WW2 Tim Lehmann
Pointe du Hoc D-Day diorama (1/72 scale) Guy S W DeLillio
'Kameraden' ('Comrades') Uwe Henning
'Berlin 1945' Shigeyuki Mizuno
Normandy 1944 diorama (1/72 scale) Guy S W DeLillio
The Ruhr Pocket, 1 April 1945 Tim Lehmann
"The Flasher" – the capture of a Steyr Kommandeur wagon, Europe 1944 Eric Wisdom
'Lili Marlene' (WW2 North Africa diorama) Tim Lehmann
Negotiating – Bosnia style Jason Bobrowich
"Spring Thunder" Andy Zuo
T-34/85 diorama Sungjong Kim
Versuchs-Kommando (FL) Tropen, El Alamein, 1942 Frank Schulz
"Spoils of War" – M4 Sherman Caliope, France 1944 Gunnar Baeumer
La Fiere D-Day 1944 Steve Zaloga
"Schnell!" Hyeung-tae Kim
Italian troops in North Africa, 1942 Carlo Sette
"Durchbuich" (Breakthrough) Robert Doepp
Tiger II and M20 Hyeung-tae Kim
Godverdomme! Marijn Van Gils
A Modeller's Paradise Jean Baptiste Verlhac
"Le Armi della Vittoria" Carlos Sette
In the Shadows Kiel Mohrman
"Coffee Break" Craig Stratton
"DropShorts" Ian Hill
Building the Wasp's Nest - Russia Spring 1944 James Blackwell
Panzer IV (Burnt Out) Miguel Jimenez
Stug III Miguel Jimenez
M4A1 Sherman - France 1985 Miguel Jimenez
"Packing a Punch" Michael Walsh
"The Grape" Michael Walsh
After the Battle - Ardennes 1968 Ian Hill
Cross of Iron Ian Hill
Defenders of the Reich Chris Mrosko
For the Motherland - Into East Prussia Bob Collignon
"Guess we were lucky yesterday sir" Rob Plas
"Piston Amazed" Ron Puttee
"Pulling Out" - Paris 1944 Ron Puttee
Ardennes 1944 Tomi Mynttinen
Final Days - Germany 1945 Tomi Mynttinen
David and Goliath - Karelian Isthmus 1939 Tomi Mynttinen
Defenders of Normandy Tomi Mynttinen
Red Devils Tomi Mynttinen
Souvenir Hunter Tomi Mynttinen
"We'll Make it Work" Tomi Mynttinen
"Jabos" Stefano De Paolis
Pet Cemetery Ulf Andersson
Hedgerow Hell Brian George
Swan Song Yann Jouault
Stormbird Ian Hill
Last Stand Sam Dwyer
Eastern Front Encounter (Spring 1943) Jean Baptiste Verlhac
"Check Your Armor Gentlemen!" Youngbok Choi
"Lion Rampant & Charging Bull" Richard McIntosh
"Wounded" Vignette Andrew Judson
"A Bunker in Sudetenland" Vignette Kim Hyun
"Retreat From Normandy" Gelson J. Emerim
"DAK" Gelson J. Emerim
"Help" Zsolt Janik
"Let Them Pass" Giuseppe Randazzo
Sd.Kfz.11 Diorama Maza Takahashi
"Water" Norio Takemura
"Dinepr Direction" Giuseppe Randazzo
"Birthday Toast" Panzer IV Ausf.E Diorama Maza Takahashi
"Panzer Spahwagen" Diorama Maza Takahashi
"Carentan-44" Diorama Carlos Blanco
Tiger I Vignette Robert Doepp
Ukraina 1944 Piotr Wańkowicz
Kubelwagen Vignette Paul Chatfield
"Born to be Panther" Arpad Peter
Panther G Normandy Frederic Mouchel
Tiger I, Eastern Front Frederic Mouchel
"Hey Slav, Take a Look!" Vladimir Demchenko
"Östfront '44" Gelson J. Emerim
"Cold Ivory - Riedwihr Francia 1944" Giuseppe Randazzo
"Rail Crossing" BR.52 Locomotive Diorama Maza Takahashi
"Hong Kong Ferret" Diorama Maza Takahashi
Navy Light Seal Support Craft Vietnam Andrew Judson
"Ardennes 1945" Peter Arpad
"British 6th Airborne in Normandy" Matt Yates
"Fire and Ice" Jaewon Choi
"Sealed with a Kiss" Panther Diorama Robert Frazier
"Samawara City, Iraq" Diorama Peter Arpad
"Abandoned - France 1940" Diorama Cheng Ping
Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) Ausf. E Diorama Maza Takahashi
Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F Diorama Garry Smith
Sd.Kfz.223 Diorama Dr Hilton de Mello e Oliveira
Baghdad Story Sang Kyu Cho
They'll Be Back Andrew Argent
Captured Chevy Quad Diorama Dr Hilton de Mello e Oliveira
"Angels of Death" Vladimir Demchenko
"Wohin gehen Sie" Panther Diorama Ohjinwoo
"Libya 1941" Panzer IA Diorama Andrew Judson
"Thanks!" Stuart Diorama myoung bo Ryu
"Reconstruction" Marder III Diorama Miki Shimizu
"Broken Bridge" Stryker Diorama David Porter
"Duo" Diorama Shigeyuki Mizuno