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The French Referee
Tyre Lebanon, 1983

Various, 1/35 scale

by Norman Lim


Mig Pigments are available online from Mission Models


My diorama represents a time after the IDF were under a cease fire. The UNIFIL, and in this case, the French were called in to referee the peace efforts.

The diorama shows tired IDF Golani and paratroopers in rest and semi alert positions with a captured Fatah Movement 106mm recoilless gun. It shows one paratrooper talking to the Merkava commander holding on to an RPG 7 grenade launcher.

A yawning loader and a tired driver are talking to the Golani machinegunner.

The French paratrooper in body armour is talking to HQ on his Tacbe, while a tank commander piles on the pressure.



The Arab is there to argue his case while another IDF paratrooper armed with rifle grenades in ready keeping a close tab on the corner of the alley in case of sniping attacks or militia technical vehicles suddenly appearing.

I took 400 hours to complete this diorama. There are many hand made details to the building. It is one of the winners in the recently concluded Tamiya Modeling Competition held in Singapore.

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Model and Text by Norman Lim
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