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"Check Your Armor Gentlemen!"

1/35 scale

by Youngbok Choi



Here is my 1/35 scale diorama entitled "Check Your Armor, Gentlemen!"

My long-cherished desire of recreating a waterfall is at last accomplished. I used "G-COAT WATER for WAVE" to make the waterfall effect.
You can see the technique on how to create this effect on missing-lynx's "Dio tip" page.

Figures are from HobbyFan of Hong Kong.

To make the forest, I used seaform,dioramaterial, real foliage and vinyl leaves.

The valley & ground were formed from G-COAT SAND & G-COAT EARTH.

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Model, Text and Images by Youngbok Choi
Page Created 10 April, 2006
Page Last Updated 10 April, 2006