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Captured Canadian Chevrolet Truck

Italeri, 1/35 scale

by Dr Hilton de Mello e Oliveira


Here is my captured Canadian Chevrolet truck, field modified as a Flak platform.

I saw in an article in an old issue of Military Modeler Magazine with a captured Canadian truck with an AA gun. During a trip to Florida I bought this kit somewhere close to Orlando, planning to build something close to what I saw in MM. This is the result.

The kit is the Testors/Italeri 1/35 scale Quad gun tractor, item no. 778. I modified it using some spare parts that come with the kit, as follows:

  • The cabin : I used the rear and top in sprue “B”, instead of assembling the crew compartment from the kit.

  • The rear platform for the 20 mm AA gun : evergreen plastic sheet, scribed for simulate wood, with anti-skid threads glued over.

  • The 20 mm Flak 38 : Tamiya, built from the box.



I added some extra equipment and gear, from various sources.

Note that the wheels I glued inverted right X left, the off road tires treads should point forwards.

Painting was done with Tamiya acrylics.

Weathering comprised a dark brown wash, light sand dry-brush, a coat of matt varnish and pastel chalk.

Decals are sourced from Tamiya, and from my spares box.


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The photographs were taken using the same vignette base from my Sd.Kfz  223, a landscape photo as background, and natural light.

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