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Australian Matilda on Tarakan Island

Various, 1/35 scale

by Stefan Bernet

Mig Pigments are available online from Mission Models


My diorama shows an Australian Matilda CS of the 2/9th Armoured Regiment in action on Tarakan Island in May 1945.

After hours of "jungle busting" the Matilda and its supporting infantry made their way onto a decent but contested road.



The Australians fought the Japanese in tangled, swampy jungle, were suicide attacks by enemy infantry men were a constant threat. This led to improvised improvements like welding spare track links to the hull sides and PSP plating on to the engine deck for extra protection. The heavy cast shields at the front of each track should prevent tenacious undergrowth from making its way into the suspension.

The model is Tamiya's ancient kit combined with the resin conversion from MR Modellbau.

The PSP is from Verlinden and the late style tracks from Friulmodel.



The Australian formation signs (4th Australian Armoured Brigade) are decals from Mouse House.

All figures were scratch built with parts from the Tamiya sets "British infantry" and "British tank crew".

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Model and Text by Stefan Bernet
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