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Cross of Iron
Ian Hill

This diorama is the second part of the story , started with "DROPSHORTS", the previous dio with the same background.   I built both of them concurrently so as they would get the same colours, rubble etc., I really wanted them to appear to be in the same place, at the same time.

The tank is the old Tamiya Mk.IV H reworked with scratch-built details to depict a "mid production J. I also added a damaged interior as well as real wire mesh screens.

The building is a TOWN HALL from the Trophy series and has been modified considerably, with a scribed interior, scratch-built floors, stairs, roof, windows and door. I cut off half of one side and used it for rubble, while the wall that was left I cracked and deformed so as to give the impression that it is about to fall.

The wagon and horse are from Italeri while the figures are all Verlinden with various modifications. This diorama is still a favourite of mine even though it is now eight years old.