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A Lapse in Concentration

Various, 1/35 scale

by Matt Yates


Mig Pigments are available online from Mission Models


Here is my diorama, 'A Lapse in Concentration'. The subject is Operation Goodwood at the beginning of July 1944. A Cromwell tank of the 7th Armoured Division supported by infantry of the 50th Infantry Division enter the outskirts of Caen whilst a small group of German SS infantry prepare to fight to the last man!

The Cromwell is Tamiya built straight from the box. The British infantry are Dragon with Hornet heads and the SS figures are VP with Hornet heads and a modified Dragon British infantry for the dead soldier.


The diorama base features a scratch built (lentil) road with Italeri Church ruins and various rubble and ground works.

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Model and Text by Matt Yates
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