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"Birthday Toast" - Panzer IV Ausf.E Diorama

Dragon, 1/35 scale

by Maza Takahashi



Here is my new diorama based on Dragon's 1/35 scale Panzer IV Ausf.E.

Today is the 34th birthday of the staff sergeant Walther (single, professional solder). He receives a tiny toast with his crew, the gunner Schindler (age36, married, ex-dentist), the loader Bernald (age42, marryed ex-plumber), the driver Hans (age23, single ex-car mechanic), and the radio operater Erwin (age26, single ex-post-office clerk)

They toasted with Spanish wine and the watermelon which they got it in the Bazer on a way to the moving.

Erwin who is absorbing to the camera took a snap shot of his crew.


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Model, Images and Text by Maza Takahashi
Page Created 26 December, 2006
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