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Operation Market Garden diorama (1/72)
Guy S W DeLillio

This is a 1/72nd-1/76th scale diorama portraying the arrival and siege of the Hartentein Hotel by the British First Airborne the ill fated Operation Market Garden. The hotel was completely scratch-built to represent the original which is located in Oosterbeek, Holland. The airborne jeeps are modified Matchbox and Nitto. The airborne figures are a combination of Airfix and Battlefield Miniatures.
Main picture: Blurred to create a sense of an action shot.
Pic 2: Set shop portraying arrival of British Ist Airborne Division elements.
Pic 3: British troops seek shelter from incoming enemy artillery. Intentionally blurred to appear as if the action is in process.
Pic 4: British troops dig slit trenches in the sandy soil next to the tennis courts behind the Harteinstein, were utilized to keep prisoners. Note troops awaiting incoming enemy artillery.
Pic 5: Close up of tennis courts with captured troops. Note the fence made from pantyhose.