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British XXX Corps at Arnhem, September 1944
Guy S W DeLillio

Here are some images portraying elements of British XXX Corps attempting to reach British First Airborne at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden in mid-September 1944. The dioramas reflect a blend of 1/76 and 1/72 scale figures and armour. The main image above entitled "This is the Wide Part" was inspired by the dramatized scene in A Bridge Too Far whereby Michael Caine's (as Lt. Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur) confers with his cousin Giles Vandeluer to discuss the difficulties moving their armour forward along a heavily defended narrow two lane roadway. The AFV and half track vehicles are slightly modified Airfix, Nitto, MMS, Matchbox, and ESCI. The resin air liaison vehicle in the foreground was procured from a private vendor whose origins I cannot recall. The Irish Guardsmen tankers are Battlefield Miniatures; the officers a mixture of Matchbox, MMS, and Airfix.

Image 2 (below) is an alternative view of image 1 above. Image 3 is entitled "Hell's Highway" and portrays XXX Corps held up along the single road to Arnhem. One Cromwell is MMS and the rest were modified Matchbox with scratch-built turrets. The destroyed Panther G is ESCI and Bergpanther a modified Hasegawa. The infantry and 101st Airborne troops are Airfix. Image 4 provides an alternative view of image 3.