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Announcements - last updated 7 January, 2006
To help keep you informed on what's happening at missing-lynx.com, we have created an Announcement Board. This board allows us to tell you about our newest features, post solutions to various discussion board related questions, and keep you up to date on the latest competitions and challenges. It is important to note that this is a read only board.
The Axis WWII discussion group is hosted by Tom Cockle and is dedicated to Axis armour of the Second World War.
Allied WWII
Hosted by John Prigent and Steve Zaloga, this is a discussion group dedicated to the armoured forces of the many Allied nations of the Second World War.
The Modern AFV discussion group is hosted by Erik Gustavsson and covers the variety of AFVs used by all nations in the post WWII era.
World War I + 1920s and 1930s
Hosted by Francois Gousse this discussion group is dedicated to AFV's of the First World War from all countries as well as tank development during the 1920s and 1930s.
Hosted by Al Bowie and Brett Green, the General AFV Modelling discussion group covers any general military modelling topic including industry news and announcements.
Constructive Comments
This "virtual workbench" is hosted by Robert Oehler and Brett Green, and is designed so that Missing-lynx readers can share their "in progress" photos with the rest of the readership and generate constructive discussions.  Participation is open to all Missing-lynx visitors.
Group Build - British and Commonwealth Vehicles of WWII
The first topic for Missing-Lynx new Group Build Forum is British and Commonwealth Vehicles of WWII, hosted by Nick Cortese. This topic will run until February 2010, so you will have plenty of time to finish your Allied vehicles.
The Dioramas discussion group is hosted by Marijn Van Gils and is dedicated to all aspects of military model dioramas.
The Figures discussion group is hosted by Mark Bannerman and is dedicated to modelling military figures of any scale and era.
Braille Scale
Hosted by Paul Giles, this discussion group is dedicated to 1/72 scale and smaller AFV modelling.
1/48 Scale
Hosted by Luciano Rodriguez and Pat Johnston, this discussion group is dedicated to 1/48 scale AFV, vehicle and figure modelling.
In Focus (Photographing Scale Models)
This discussion group is is hosted by Robert Oehler and dedicated to the art of photographing models. Subjects include tips & techniques, equipment, lighting, and digital photography.
Tricks & Tips
Hosted by Dave Parker from AFV Modeller magazine and Adam Wilder, this discussion group is geared towards modelling technique questions ranging from construction to final weathering. This forum was created so that "newbies" can post without being intimidated by the sometimes highly technical nature of the other discussion groups.
Japanese Modelling
Hosted by Yasu Mori, the Japanese Modelling discussion group covers questions to Japanese modellers, discussion of Japanese-themed modelling and the opportunity for Japanese modellers to discuss any aspects of AFV modelling in Japanese.
New Products
A bulletin board for vendors to make product announcements and offer items for sale.
Private sellers
A buy and sell bulletin board for private individuals.
Time on Target - Armour Model Product Reviews
Frank De Sisto's Armour Model Product Review forum. This is a read-only Forum.
An online chat room where Missing-lynx readers can participate in real time discussions about all aspects of AFV modelling.

Foreign language
Spanish Language
El foro de discusión en lengua española está moderado por Miguel Jiménez Mig y cubre todos los aspectos del modelismo militar desde figuras, dioramas hasta vehículos.
French Language
Forum Blindés francophone avec Antoine Puzo et Yann Jouault.
German Language
Das deutschsprachige Missing-lynx Forum unter der Leitung des Teams von www.Panzer-Modell.de (Carsten Gurk und Thomas Hartwig). Hier konnt Ihr alles rund um den Militarmodellbau und Militargeschichte diskutieren.
Dutch Language
De ML/Twenot Nederlandstalige discussiegroep wordt beheerd door Rob Plas en is bedoeld voor al Uw vragen betreffende het bouwen van militaire modellen, diorama's en figuren. (Archive)
Czech and Slovak Language
Ceské a slovenské modelárské fórum moderované Jirím Zahradníkem a Tomášem Szaboem. Fórum je zamerené na techniku všech merítek a vojenskou historii.
Polish Language
Polish language forum for discussion of all armour modelling-related topics. Hosted by Tomasz Basarabowicz.

Moderators forum
Access to this forum is closed. In order to access or read this forum you must be a missing-lynx moderator.

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