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"Red Tide Rising" (Berlin 1945) diorama
Adam N. P. Wilder, Carlos Elias Llop and Abilio Piñeiro

The diorama in these photos is the focus of a step-by-step article published in issues 18 and 19 of AFV Modeller Magazine. Carlos Elias Llop constructed the building foundation and the large steel beam laying on the Panther tank. The chimney was provided by XProject. Carlos also guided me with the diorama’s layout. The figures were painted by Abilio Piñeiro. The wooden base was provided by my friend, Jeff Parry. We would like to thank MIG Productions, Mission Models and Vallejo for supplying the parts, tools, paints and pigments needed to construct and paint this diorama. I would also like to thank Ulf Andersson, and Vecsey Tamás for supplying us with some of the after-market items used in this project.

Adam N P Wilder