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Sd.Kfz.11 Half Track Diorama

AFV Club, 1/35 scale

by Maza Takahashi


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This is AFV CLUB's 1/35 scale Sd.Kfz11 3t half track with AFV CLUB separate track links. I like this classic design but this one is late type (it was converted from the iron body to the wooden body by reason of shortage of materials).

Normally the supply vehicle which supplies or unloads at front line must leave immediately from there. transporting injured personnel, then return to the base of the supply division.



I made this diorama with the Sd.Kfz11 passing over a small bridge. I wonder what the guy next to the driver is dreaming?

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Model, Images and Text by Maza Takahashi
Page Created 06 December, 2006
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