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After the Battle - Ardennes 1968

Ian Hill

Most Armour enthusiasts would have seen an "AFTER THE BATTLE" book or magazine at some stage during their search for reference material. I got the idea for this diorama from the excellent publication "After the Battle - Panzers in Normandy then and now"(p. 206-208).The article covers the salvage of a Late Production Tiger 1 from the Falaise Area that was eventually restored and put back into the field as a "roadside monument".

I took this idea further and modelled a Final Production Tiger 1 that had been destroyed in the Ardenne Region, during the Battle of the Bulge. The Diorama, however, is set in 1968, well after the end of the War. A Hippie (riding an ex - U.S. Army Harly that has been resprayed) has spotted the chapel from the road and ventured into the forest, not only finding the old chapel ruin, but a destoyed tank and a Priest feeding some wild geese. The Priest explains that the chapel and the tank were destoyed at the same time, Vandals and souvenir hunters finishing the job.

The Late Model Tiger 1 is from Tamiya, as is the Harley and the animals. The figures are Verlinden, the Priest being standard while the hippie is a mix and match of arms, legs and head. The chapel is from Verlinden as well, from the trophy series.

The buiding was modified with hits added to the front roof and side window as well as adding a floor and scribing an interior.

The Tank was detailed with "on the mark" accessories as well as scratchbuilt items such as the damaged interior. A Verlinden Tiger 1 Engine Bay was added but the brass sides that came with the kit were replaced with copies I made from plastic sheet, as the Brass was to thin and only good as a pattern to copy from. The surface was achieved with rice flour and white glue, while the broken and rusted parts were drilled out and thinned in the usual way.

I biult this diorama in 1994-95 with the idea to build a corresponding scene of "before the battle", I still hope to do this at some stage.

Photographs by Jeff Baldwin


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