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"Östfront '44"

Tamiya et al, 1/35 scale

by Gelson J. Emerim



Here is my new diorama entitled Östfront '44

In the summer of 1944 the Germans are still holding the line.

A T-34 is lying disabled by a kleines panzerfaust 30 that have hit the tracks, blown away the fuel tank and stopped the engine.



The vehicle continued to move for some more meters. Then a dauntless grenadier had climb the turret and get silenced the crew. He will be awarded with the iron cross first class (postumously!).

Now a new threat is looming.

The vehicle is from Tamiya and the German soldiers are a mix of Verlinden figures.

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Model, Images and Text by Gelson J. Emerim
Page Created 13 May, 2007
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