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Vehicle Modeller
Autocar U-7144T Tractor Jeremy Moore
Blew Lagoon Artwork Tim Bumb
Dodge WC-63 Truck Krzysztof Pawlik
Dragon Wagon with M4A3 HVSS Ron Puttee
DUKW Andrew Judson
DUKW Bob Collignon
DUKW with 105mm Howitzer Peter Arpad
Ford GPA Jorge Lopez
GMC 2˝ Ton 6x6 Truck Huang He
Jeep Serge Haelterman
Jeep Craig Buchanan
2-1/2 ton Jimmy Chris Mrosko
3/4-ton 4x4 Weapons Carrier "Beep" Chulho Yoo
Landing Craft - Italy 1943 Artwork Tim Bumb
LVT(A) 1 AndrČ Brito
LVT(A)-1 Dave Harper
LVT (A) 4 Franck Edet
M10 Tank Destroyer (Tamiya 1/35) Brett Green
M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage Carlos Blanco
M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Carlos Blanco
M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Bud Highleyman
M2 Half-Track Armored Car with 37mm Gun Steve Zaloga
M2A1 Half-Track Carlos Blanco
M22 Locust Brett Green
M24 Chaffee (Bronco) Steve Zaloga
M24 Chaffee (Bronco) Brett Green
M24 Chaffee Artwork Tim Bumb
M26 Pershing Steve Zaloga
M26 Pershing Antonio Martin
M26 Pershing Artwork Tim Bumb
M26 and Sd.Kfz. 7 Composite Image Kirk Olsen
M26 Dragon Wagon tank transporter Serge Haelterman
M29 Weasel Steve Zaloga
M3 GMC Barry Beaudry
M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun Steve Zaloga
M3 75mm GMC Tank Destroyer Steve Zaloga
M3 Lee Maintenance Artwork Tim Bumb
M3 Lee US Medium Tank (Academy) Steve Zaloga
M3 Stuart Artwork "Somewhere in the Pacific" Tim Bumb
M3A1 Scout Car Steve Zaloga
M3A1 Scout Car Brett Green
M3A1 Stuart Steve Zaloga
M30 Cargo Carrier Brian Alfano
M33 towing a 240mm howitzer Steve Zaloga
M38A1 Huang He
M4 D-Day Sherman vignette Cheehong Ahn
M4 Sherman Daryl Dancik
M4 Sherman "The End is Near" Artwork Tim Bumb
M4 Sherman Crocodile Steve Zaloga
M4 Sherman ('early'), US 1st Armored Regiment, N.Africa Cheehong Ahn
M4 Sherman & M26 Dragon Wagon Michael Walsh
M4A1 Sherman Jaewoon Hong
M4A1 Sherman Steve Milstone-Turner
M4A1 Sherman (mid production) Steve Zaloga
M4A1, Omaha Beach, D-Day Steve Zaloga
M4A1 Sherman Dozer Dinesh Ned
M4A1 Sherman Early Steve Zaloga
M4A1 Sherman Steve Zaloga
M4A1 Sherman Artwork Tim Bumb
M4A1 Sherman 75mm Cheehong Ahn
M4A1 76 Sherman Ken Tan
M4A1 76(w), Normandy 1944 Felipe Moreno and Samuel Pérez
M4A1 Sherman with M8 ammunition trailer Jeremy Moore
M4A2 Pacific Sherman Cheehong Ahn
M4A2 Tarawa (Dragon kit 6082) Steve Zaloga
Sherman M4A2 at Tarawa Rick Minichiello
M4A3 Calliope Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo
M4A3 Sherman (snow) Cheehong Ahn
M4A3 (early type) Cheehong Ahn
M4A3 Sherman HVSS Ulf Andersson
M4A3 (76) Sherman Cheehong Ahn
M4A3(76)W Sherman Sam Dwyer and Brett Green
M4A3 Sherman US Marines Steve Zaloga
Sherman M4A3E2 "Jumbo" Steve Zaloga
M4A3E8 Sherman (1/16 scale) Dave Goddard
M4A3E8 Sherman Steve Zaloga
M4A3E8 Sherman John van Hooijdonk
M4A3E8 Sherman (New Tamiya) Brett Green
M4A3 Sherman Cheehong Ahn
M4A3E8 105mm Cheehong Ahn
M4 High Speed Tractor Steve Zaloga
M4 18t high speed tractor Barry Beaudry
M4 High Speed Tractor and 155mm Long Tom Mario Cuniberti
M5 Stuart Steve Zaloga
M5 13 ton High Speed Tractor Steve Zaloga
M5A1 Steve Zaloga
M5A1 Valentin E. Bueno
M7 Priest Howitzer Motor Carriage Steve Zaloga
M7 Priest Howitzer Motor Carriage Brett Green
M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage Terry Ashley
M8 Greyhound Steve Zaloga
M8 Greyhound Steve Zaloga
M8 Greyhound Bob Oehler
M8 Greyhound Dario Risso
M10 Tank Destroyer Cedric Benharous
M10 Tank Destroyer Steve Zaloga
M10 Tank Destroyer Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo
M10 Tank Destroyer
Mike Walsh
M12 GMC Steve Zaloga
M15A1 GMC Tony Hammes
M16 MMGC Steve Zaloga
M18 Hellcat Steve Zaloga
M18 hellcat Luke Pitt
M18 Hellcat Pat Johnston
M18 Hellcat Artwork - "Cornered" Tim Bumb
M20 scoutcar Serge Haelterman
M-20 Armoured Utility Car Rudi Meir
M24 Chaffee Jeremy Moore
M24 Chaffee Steve Zaloga
M26 Dragon Wagon Chris Mrosko
M29 Weasel Steve Zaloga
M36B1 Dinesh Ned
M36B1 Steve Zaloga
M3 Stuart Artwork Tim Bumb
M5 Stuart Artwork "Smoking Gun" Tim Bumb
M40 155mm SPG Brett Green
Marmon Herrington T16 Steve Zaloga
Super Pershing Steve Zaloga
T-10 Steve Zaloga
T-23 Dan Rowbottom
T28 Assault Tank Steve Zaloga
T28E1 Steve Zaloga
Waiting for the Bad Guys - Sherman Artwork Tim Bumb
WC56 Command Car Huang He
WC57 Command Car - General Patton Huang He
White 666/Rogers 20t trailer/D7 Bulldozer Jorge Lopez
White Half Track Artwork Tim Bumb
Willys MB Jeep Artwork Craig Gravina