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M26 Dragon Wagon tank transporter
Serge Haelterman

Building: this is the Tamiya kit built straight from the box with some brake and fuel lines added. I also added a Verlinden 50.cal machine gun.

Painting: Tamiya acrylics followed with coat of Vallejo matt varnish to seal the decals. Weathering with black and umber oils thinned heavily, second weathering with Tamiya buff. Drybrushing was done with Vallejo khaki mixed with white. After this came some 'spattering' with heavily thinned buff. Rainstreaks were applied with heavily thinned (with water) Tamiya buff then a coat of buff sprayed on by airbrush; this process was repeated several times. After this a heavily thinned wash with Europe dust and beach sand (Mig Pigments) was applied over the entire vehicle. Another heavier wash was applied to the lower regions. The semi-wet mud was achieved by mixing raw umber, plaster and Mig Pigments. For questions about the techniques I used feel free to contact me at serge@werkmannen.be