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TIRAN 5 Blazer Prototype conversion
Part Three - Chipping, Mapping & Toning

Tamiya / Verlinden / Scratch, 1/35 scale

by Norman Lim

Paint Chipping

Chipping on Turret, concentrating on ridges and edges and areas of high human traffic.



Barrel Chipping occurs mainly on the upper most surface of the barrel.


Once the model has been chipped, the model is ready for bit mapping to give it an uneven fading process. This is done with acrylic paints thinned with water so that it provides only a translucent finish.

Bit Mapping

Here we see the white portion is being bit mapped to simulate uneven toning.


Turret is bit mapped. Chips under storage bin where water collects and is usually trapped. Mapping gives paint peeling effects as well.


The harsh contrast formed by chipping and bitmapping needed some toning down to unify the whole picture to give it a more natural look. This is done in three stages. One, toning, two, dark earth & buff air dusting and finally by pastel dusting. The first toning is done with very dilute panzer grey from Tamiya Enamels toned with 95% artist thinners for oil painting and is brushed once over every surface using a number 4 round sable brush to achieve a smooth effect of aging.


See the effects of toning with the Panzer grey. Shown here is one side that is tone versus one that is not. It enhances the overall unity of the chipping with a depth effect just before dusting. If the model is not toned and then dusted, the whole effect will be very artificial looking like someone vomited chocolate over the whole tank is short spurts


Tank that is toned. Note the top of the turret and the edges of the front glacis plate. Note also the frequently stepped areas at the rear of the front fuel tank and notice how the chipped paint seemed to sink into the surface giving it depth and an good staggered aging process look instead of looking like all the chips occurred over one day!

One final look at the toning effects of using a Panzer blue filter to tone the tank. This also reduces the tank turning brownish and returning it to the khaki greenish tint. Itís a tad dark, but all will be lifted once the dusting occurs, it will lighten the whole paint job and subtly hide some harshness further giving it a more mystical effect.

To be continued in Part Four

Model and Text by Norman Lim
Page Created 17 January, 2007
Page Last Updated 17 January, 2007