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Korean M-36 Jackson, Korean War
Serang Kim

The kit is the 1/35 Academy M-36 Jackson, a new release, showing a Korean army vehicle during the Korean war. My focus was re-create the realistic battlefield condition of a Korean-army employed M36. The baggage and sandbags are made with epoxy putty; other added accessories are borrowed from other Academy kits. Since the M36 has a very thin roof and frequently exposed the crew to enemy small-arms fire during fire-support mission, they added sandbags over the roof.

Some Korean Army M36s during the Korean war were painted with a camouflage scheme of brown and olive drab. This one is from 1952; at that time, the Communist forces' tanks had almost disappeared from the front line, so most tanks or tank destroyers of Allied (Korean, U.S. and other western) forces were employed as 'moving bunkers' to support infantry. I wanted to re-create such features.

Everything except the basic camo scheme was painted by brush with enamel paint. Machineguns and spare barrels were from Academy's US Machinegun Set kit. I personally think this MG set is of very good quality.