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LVTP (Vietnam)
Serge Haelterman

I added some extras from the spares box: PSP plates as armor (saw it on some ref pics), Verlinden 50cal. with a converted nozzle, some armor plating for the 50cal, and I also added a Verlinden 30cal. in the back. The mortar is an old Tamiya part. The sandbags were made with Miliput and texturized with fine sand glued to a piece of paper. Painting was done with Tamiya acrylics; weathering was done with oils, acrylics and MIG pigments. I also did some drybrushing with lighter shades of the basecolour and some silver to bring in that metal shine, and used some graphite on heavy use areas. For questions feel free to mail me at serge@werkmannen.be. For more pictures of this model visit: www.werkmannen.be/serge/models.html <http://www.werkmannen.be/serge/models.html>