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British Army Husky TSV

Meng Model, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green



Here's my latest project, finished this afternoon - Meng's lovely 1/35 scale Husky TSV. 

The kit was a very enjoyable build with a high level of detail, including the four-seat cab interior. My original plan was to close the doors and not bother with detail painting the interior, but in the end it was too nice and I could not resist.



The only minor quibble was the fiddly and delicate rear harness straps, but these are barely visible once the kit is together.

I used the kit decals, which performed perfectly. I was particularly impressed with the decals for the instrument panel and centre console, which delivered photo-realistic results. I actually lost the exterior decals but Andrew Judson loaned me his set so that I could finish this model. Thanks Andrew!



Kit wheels and vinyl tyres were replaced with DEF.Model resin wheels. The crisp detail and rippled sidewalls make these a very useful upgrade.



I just made a few other additions to the kit contents, including the hazard signs on the tailgate (cut from thin plastic card), the bungee tow straps wrapped around the front bumper (several reference photos showed these), plus stowage in the cargo area. This was a combination of tarps and rolls made from Milliput two-part epoxy putty, Value Gear packs, a resin box of veggies and wooden barrel from Hauler (I think), and a Matho Models 3D printed drink crate. 



Great kit and thoroughly recommended!

This model will appear in a detailed Feature Article in Issue 158 of Model Military International magazine.

Thanks to Meng Model for the sample

Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
Page Created 17 March, 2019
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