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Israel Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Achzarit (Early)

Meng Model, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green


Here is my first completion for 2014 - Meng Model's 1/35 scale Achzarit. This kit is simple to build with perfect fit and a high level of detail. I am very impressed.



I added a few scratch built packs along with resin stowage from Value Gear and Verlinden. The cargo net at the rear, the covers for the smoke grenade launchers at the front and the marking pennants on the sides were formed from Kneadatite two-part epoxy putty (magic stuff that).



The crew figures are from Meng's own IDF Tank Crew set, except for the Commander's head, which is from a Hornet head set.

I have written this one up for a big article in Issue 95 of Model Military International magazine.



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Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
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