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M1A1 Abrams (with mine plow)
Rod Macdonald

The kit is the 1/35 Tamiya M1A1 with Mine Plow (Kit No. 35158)

1. Tarps and Camo nets - tissue and cheesecloth respectively soaked in a 50/50 solution of PVA glue and water
2. "Foam" rolls: lead foil with aluminum foil "tape"
3. Air I.D. panel: lead foil
4. Flag: Fine Brass foil with stenciled pattern. The stencil is Real Model # RM 009.
5. Fuel cans, alice packs, knap sacks: Legend # LF 1029. (Note this kit contains much more than the few pieces I used!)
6. Water Jerry Cans, water bottles etc., Plus Model # 126
7. MRE boxes: Custom Dioramics: CD 5002.

Scratch-built details:
1. Turret- side tool boxes: the four handles on the tops of the boxes: brass strip and wire.
2. Muzzle whip indicator hood and attachment clamp: brass strip.
3. Front mud guards: from lead foil.
4. Cut off rear section of skirt armour, hinge detail made from styrene strip.
5. Mine plow: locking pins w/ retaining chains: brass wire pins with Aber (35 A16) PE chains.

Paint: mixture of Humbrol and Testor‚s Model Master enamels.
Weathered with: washes - of artists oils
Paint chips and scratches: Humbrol; 1. Brown Bess 2. mix of dark grey and black.
Dust: airbrush, Testor‚s Armour sand and Brown Bess.