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Panther Ausf.G Late Version

Tamiya, 1/48 scale

by Jay Laverty


Don’t ask me what the appeal with 48th scale kits is. I honestly couldn’t tell you. It could be that they offer a reasonable looking build at the end for less investment in time and money than their 35th scale counterparts. After embarking on this kit I came to the conclusion that with the involvement of some aftermarket products, these kits will produce an equal level of quality as any larger scale kit can provide.

Incorporating the Aber etched set, WWII Productions tracks, a figure from Squad 48’s German crew set, this model has worked in just about everything that is available (or was available when the project got underway). The Aber set is a fantastic bit of engineering and enhances the kit immensely in a lot of areas, although it is an involved set incorporating a lot of detail, and using it all will mean a mindbending amount of work. If you read my review of the WWII Productions tracks here earlier you will know how much I thought of them already, and if not I will say it again, that they are one of the best aftermarket sets I have ever used, and probably the best set of tracks I have ever seen.


The sculpting of the Squad 48th German Tank Crew (Summer) [AOW48/05] is second to none and although I have only used one of the crew figures, they are all really quite good.

When working with etched parts this small I find it very important to have a tool like the “Etch-Mate” to bend and form parts with as there is too much room for error (read: parts flying all over the room and disappearing forever) and it is a far safer bet to manipulate them whilst held firmly in place.


The images here will give you an overview of what tools I used and an impression of how they were used in the finishing the model. I prefer enamels for painting model, and White Ensign Colourcoats in particular, followed with a wash of artists oils, and CMK Stardust weathering pigments to finish off.

For a far more detailed and in depth build article of this model please pick up the next issue of Military Modelling ( Vol. 37 No.2)


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Model, Images and Text by Jay Laverty
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