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Ferdinand Heavy Tank Destroyer

Tamiya + Tank Workshop, 1/48 scale

by Brett Green


Here's my first completed model of 2017 - Tamiya's brand new 1/48 scale Elefant backdated to a Kursk-era Ferdinand using The Tank Workshop's even newer conversion.

This comprehensive all-resin conversion was mastered by Steve Faxon. Detail is crisp and casting is perfect on my sample. In addition to all the major superstructure, hull and detail parts, new link-and-length tracks are included too (except for the bottom run).



Just as I was finishing up weathering, Steve advised that the engine deck centre grille should have 18 slots instead of the 15 on this early casting. The final version of the conversion will include the correct 18 slot grille.



Fit of both the kit and the conversion was excellent. Both highly recommended.

Three of the figures are from Figures With Attitude's StuG crew sets. These are the best 1/48 scale figures I have had the pleasure of working on - beautiful natural poses, convincing faces and perfect casting.



The fourth figure, in the driver's hatch, uses a Figures With Attitude head on a body that was included in the Tamiya 1:48 scale Kettenkraftrad kit.

The figures were brush painted using Vallejo acrylics.



I'll be writing this up in detail for Issue 132 of Model Military International magazine.

Thanks to Tamiya for the sample

Tamiya kits are distributed in the UK by The Hobby Company Limited

Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
Page Created 31 July, 2016
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