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M1A2, Jagdpanther, Centurion & Sfh-18 Detail Sets


Voyager Model, 1/35 scale


Catalogue Number and Description; Contents and Media:

PE35229: Jagdpanther G1 Early Version (for the Dragon kit). Photo etch, turned brass, wire and plastic strip.

PE35213: M1A2 Abrams reactive armour module. Resin, Photo etches.

PE35217: IDF Shot Centurion Kk5/1 (for the AFV Club Kit). Photo etch, Resin, Turned Brass, and plastic strip.

PE35207: Sfh-18 105mm Howitzer (for the Dragon Kit). Photo etch, Turned Brass, Chain, Resin, Plastic Strip.  

Scale: 1/35
Price: Available from specialist hobby retailers worldwide including Mission Models
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Price, complete nature of the product, first class instructions quality and availability.
Recommendation: See Below

Voyager Model Accessories are available online from Mission Models


Voyager Models has added a few more updates to their range. I have grouped 4 of their latest photo etch and turned brass accessory sets for this review. 

PE35229: Jagdpanther G1 Early Version (for the Dragon kit 6458)  

This set updates the early mark of the Jadpanther released by Dragon. This set covers 7 photo etch frets, one length of wire and 2 plastic strips together with 4 turned brass pieces for the tow shackle supports. The instructions cover 50 construction sequences and cover most of the external fittings. The main parts covered are the front mud guards, side plate supports, rear bins (with inner and outer “X” pressings), rear engine screens (that are both fine and exhibit a good 3d effect).  Also included are the tool racks, rear mounted fighting compartment bin, barrel cleaning tube update, tool clasps and the exhaust brackets. There are some definite advantages over the kit parts if you choose to use this set. The bend marks are clearly defined and most of the etch set is usable which is kind of rare. I can easily recommend this set as it ticks all the right boxes and is a worth while update.

Highly Recommended


PE35213: M1A2 Abrams reactive armour module
This set is intended to upgrade the Dragon Abrams (3536) kit with a Reactive armour module as used on the “TUSK” (Tank Urban Survival Kit) which is now being deployed in Afghanistan. The set includes two large resin pieces for the armour section and 2 photo etch sheets that cover the mesh screen for the turret basket and the tank/infantry telephone.  Also included is what looks like connecting shrouds for a snorkel(?) A small instruction sheet is provided to mount all the hardware provided. The resin Reactive armour is fine in size and shape but the bolts on the armour itself seem to be a little large.

I have mixed feelings with this set. The box top clearly labels this as the Reactive Armour Module only but I was kind of expecting to see the whole “TUSK” upgrade which would include the remote weapons station (Voyager set PEA093 would work here) The Loaders armored gun shield and the rear slat armour. I really can’t recommend this set as he reactive Armour is kind of useless by itself.

Not Recommended.

PE35217: IDF Shot Centurion Kk5/1

This set is an update for the AFV Club Kit and covers 10 photo etch frets together with 8 resin pieces, 4 lengths of wire, 12 turned brass parts and 1 length of soft copper tow rope. The instructions cover 64 construction sequences and cover most of the external fittings. One of the really good things about the Voyager upgrades is the use of a variety of brass gauges. Thick brass sheet is used were necessary and thin sheet were appropriate. The main parts covered are the side plates, rear exhaust brackets and covers, tow mount, tow rope and their fittings, and the front and rear mud guards.  Also included are the tool mounts, jerry can mounts, cable drum mount, leather strap mounts, visor mounts, and the turret grab handles and their mounts. The side mounted Grenade launcher assemblies are included (which include turned brass launch tubes)   and the commanders 50cal weapon upgrade together with a cupola upgrade. The last part of this set is a resin upgrade for the canvas mantlet cover. While the cover itself is well cast it doesn’t fit very well and care will be needed when fitting this as the edges are a little uneven. The only remedy here is to “blend” the edges with a two part epoxy. This set is a comprehensive upgrade and is very well done. The only let down is the mantlet cover but other that it is a worthwhile upgrade for the already excellent Afv Club Kit.



PE35207: Sfh-18 105mm Howitzer

This set is an update for the Dragon Kit( 6392) .  This set covers 6 photo etch frets together with 4 resin pieces, 1 length of wire ,4 turned brass parts  and 1 length of Chain. The two well laid out instructions sheets cover 61 construction sequences and cover most of the detail on the gun trailing arms and limber. The main parts covered are most of the external fittings for the trailing arms, with all the various boxes and grab handles included. The limber details are the entire lower chassis frame assembly, central mounted storage box together with carriage break linkages. The outstanding feature here is the two large perforated plates that are stowed on the limber when traveling or attached to the trailing arm when firing, these are really well done and will add certain finesse to the gun when complete. The main gun upgrade includes  all the smaller details that are almost impossible to reproduce in plastic like the firing chart as well as the main site linkages. Basically,the only thing missing is the main barrel gun replacement. The brass it self is first class and the bend marks clearly defined. I must say this set has a number of advantages over the Dragon kit parts. The quality of the brass and its overall presentation is first class and I have no hesitation in recommending this set to anyone who wants to update the already excellent Dragon Kit

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Voyager Model for the samples

Text by Luke Pitt
Images Copyright 2008 by Voyager Models
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