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1/72 Scale Diorama Bases

Artillery Emplacement (German / Soviet) No. 1

Artillery Emplacement (German / Soviet) No. 2

Modern Scenery

YS Masterpieces


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YS Masterpieces

All available online from YS Masterpieces' website    



Media and Contents:

1 resin casting 100mm X 100mm X 17mm (135mm X 118 X 36mm for 72005) well packed in a crush proof box with a colour photo on the lid.

Review Type:

First Look


Ideal size for a Pak 40 and crew or similar Soviet weapon, beautifully cast and well packed.


No Instructions or painting guide


All those who have Roden Pak 40 anti tank guns and are wondering what to do with them, look no further, and with a Preiser gun crew, Wow!


Reviewed by Glen Porter


A new resin manufacturer to me, YS Masterpieces is headed by Yiannis Sagiadinos from Greece and specialize in ships, figures and are now getting into diorama pieces. They have a web site www.ysmasterpieces.com and kits may be ordered direct from them.


The Bases

The two gun emplacements are similar but 72004 has a small alcove on one side with a separate log roof and sand bags around some of the walls above the timber wall supports. Both have a timber hard stand for the gun and crew.

The casting is very delicate and well detailed but not to the point of distracting from the models placed on them. Any 1/72nd scale gun could be used, anti tank, anti aircraft or field artillery, although perhaps not the bigger pieces such as the German  21 cm Morser or K 18.


  • 1/72 scale Diorama Bases Review by Glen Porter (YS Masterpieces): Image
  • 1/72 scale Diorama Bases Review by Glen Porter (YS Masterpieces): Image
  • 1/72 scale Diorama Bases Review by Glen Porter (YS Masterpieces): Image
  • 1/72 scale Diorama Bases Review by Glen Porter (YS Masterpieces): Image
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German / Soviet are specified on the box top but I believe guns from any nation would be appropriate on these bases. Some careful painting, a nice gun crew and any thing is possible.

The third piece, 72005, titled Modern Scenery, is a small bit of bitumen road-way complete with curb, footpath and concrete rendered brick wall, could be used in many ways. I don't know that there is anything in it that makes it modern necessarily except perhaps for the paving stone foot-way and depending on how it was painted and weathered could play host to any modern or not so modern vehicle of an appropriate size.

It has a small metal drain grid by the curb, a man whole cover in the road centre and some of the concrete rendering is chipped off the wall showing bricks underneath. It's slightly bigger than the other two, 135mm X 118mm X 36mm, so a bigger vehicle such as an Abrams, Challenger, Leopard II or similar would fit, however, a Tiger I or II or maybe even a Panther would not look out of place.

Like the first two, the moulding is very clean in light-grey resin and although there is not a lot of detail what's there is very crisp.


These three from YS Masterpieces are very well detailed and executed. They just need a bit of imagination on the part of the modeller to become a show stopping masterpiece.

Thanks to YS Masterpieces for the Review samples

YS Masterpieces' kits, accessories and figures are available online from their website