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Osprey Modelling 17: Modelling the Panzer IV in 1/72 scale

by Alex Clark

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-824-3, 80 pages.

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Here’s one for the Braille Scale DG, but anyone interested in modelling Pz IVs will find it interesting and may be tempted to try small scale! What we have here is a guide to modelling various tanks, not just the gun tank but also several SP versions and the Wirbelwind.

The first model is an Ausf H gun tank in winter camouflage, from the Revell kit with Part etched sets and an Aber barrel. Here the achievement of a weathered white finish in small scale is very well described. Next is a Jagdpanzer IV from the Hasegawa kit, using parts of the Revell Ausf H as well as Part etch and an ARMO barrel. The special strength of this chapter is in showing how to model Zimmerit in this scale. Then comes a late Sturmpanzer IV using the Revell Ausf H again with resin conversion sets from ALby and ARMO combined and PART photoetch. The extra feature of this chapter is how to cast one’s own resin parts.

Fourth in line is a final type StuG IV, kitbashed from the Revell StuG III and Pz IV Ausf J. PART etch and an Aber barrel are used, together with the Extratech driver’s compartment. This one is set on a scenic base, with notes on how to create it. The fifth and last build is at Master level, superdetailing a Wirbelwind by combining the Hasegawa kit and the Revell Pz IV H with a scratchbuilt turret, PART Wirbelwind etch, ARMO barrels, the Extratech driver’s area and additional scratchbuilding. A useful extra feature is the set of colour photos of the Borden Wirbelwind.

Several other models are described with brief notes in a Gallery chapter, not a detailed “how to” but enough to guide experienced modellers, and there’s a good list of reference books and websites as well as notes on surviving Panzer IVs and variants and on kits and accessories in small scale. The whole book is very good and well worth having if your interest is small scale (for its hints on how to do things) or the Pz IV (for those Wirbelwind photos).


John Prigent

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