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Stone Well

Hauler, 1/72 scale

Reviewed by Graham Carter


Stock Number and Description Hauler 1/72 scale Kit No. HLH72125  - Stone Well
Scale: 1/72
Media and Contents: Two parts in grey resin and a photo-etched fret.

12.71 Euro plus shipping available online from Hauler

and hobby retailers worldwide.

Review Type: First Look

Well cast and an interesting addition to any modelling scene.

Disadvantages: None noted.
Recommendation: This is another useful accessory from Hauler that could be used in military or domestic vignettes or dioramas.  Recommended.


Here is another diorama or vignette accessory from this prolific Czech manufacturer. It comes in a clear hard-plastic box attached to the familiar Hauler clear resealable sleeve, and consists of eleven nicely cast parts in grey resin. It appears to be modelled on an Eastern European village well by the look of the stone work, wooden roof shingles and large wheel to turn the spindle.



Roof and wall detailing is nicely done, including the inside of the wall. No rope is cast into the spindle and the single page instructions show rope and a bucket in the illustration but neither are provided in the kit. 



Most parts will be easy to separate from their blocks but the well itself will need some care and it appears that one should either cut down vertically around the walls or use a very fine saw to remove the block across the base. Remember to take care when sawing resin due to its hazardous dust.



Construction will be pretty easy with your favourite CA and then you can paint it whatever way you choose, although the inside will need to be done first as it is inaccessible when all is completed. No colour clues are given. 

This is another useful accessory from Hauler that can be used in military or domestic scenes.




Thanks to Hauler for the sample.

Text by Graham Carter
Images by Hauler
Page Created 15 January, 2022
Page Last Updated 15 January, 2022