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Dragon 1-72 Armor Series Kit No. 7247; M2A2 ODS Bradley OIF II Iraq 2004

by Cookie Sewell

145 parts (123 in grey styrene, 22 in black vinyl); price $8.95

Advantages: continues DML's production of variations on the M2/3 chassis; includes the 1/64 Armor inspired side bins
Disadvantages: no stowage for the bins!
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for modern American fans

DML continues its modern American Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) series in 1/72 with the infantry version of the current A2 series vehicles. This kit represents the penultimate M2 variant where ODS means "Operation Desert Storm." However, it does not come with the latest version's equipment, namely reactive armor protection on the hull and turret sides.

This kit is not as impressive as the M3A2 ODS kit (#7226) as it comes with fewer parts. It provides the TF 1-64 inspired side stowage bins, albeit this is a 1-22 Infantry vehicle from the 4th Infantry Division ("Division XXI"). All wheels roll, the rear ramp operates, and the gun can be made to move up or down. The latter comes at a price, as it requires using a vinyl aerial gunsight connector arm and other sight arm (parts D2 and D4) made out of black vinyl, but the directions do not indicate if this is "glueable" vinyl as in the Tamiya kits or not.

The hatches and missile launcher box are poseable but only if glued in place.

Alas, whereas this kit has bins for stowage it lacks the set of vinyl "kit" for stowage in the bustle rack and side bins for that "lived in" look. Thermal identification panels are still provided, however.

As noted this one is marked for 1-22 Infantry but comes in the modern sand finish.

Overall, it is a nice kit and continues the series of modern US armor in "small scale" kits.

Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.