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Generic German turret numbers

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner


Stock Number and Description Archer Transfers Generic German turret numbers 1/72-76 scale AR74001B, AR74001W
Scale: 1/72 - 1/76
Media and Contents: Rub down decals
Price: USD$9.95 available online from Archer Fine Transfers
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Sharp printing, good colour density, plenty of numbers from which to choose.
Recommendation: Recommended



More welcome accessories from Archer, this time in the form of turret numbers.
These sets come in both stencil and solid outline styles. Each packet contains a different colour with white and black being on offer here.


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There are two ways to apply these, the “dry method” for which these are primarily meant, and the traditional “wet method”.

The former must be done on a clean dry surface, free of oil and dust. Hold the transfer in place with a couple of pieces of tape and gently rub on the carrier film with a blunt instrument. Use just enough pressure to allow the transfer to separate from the backing sheet. Cover the removed transfer with the backing paper and gently burnish it onto its final position.

The wet method involves rubbing the selected item onto clear decal film. From there it can be soaked off and applied in the usual manner. This procedure can be useful where the surface onto which the decal is to be applied to is not flat.
Normal setting solutions can be used but naturally this is best done in moderation.

The same applies to any clear coats that you wish to apply. These are essential to protect the decals from handling.


Archer’s transfers allow you to put markings on your vehicle without the risk of “silvering”. Application is easy and with plenty of numbers to choose from, individuality of your subject is only a packet away.


Text and Images by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 27 March, 2006
Page Last Updated 03 April, 2006