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Eduard Soviet SA-2 Missile on launcher, photo-etched brass in 1/35–scale for Trumpeter kit (35695)

by Frank De Sisto

Contains two etch frets and five pages of instructions. Price: $29.95 USD.

The Chinese firm of Trumpeter continues to take chances with unusual releases, and the recent SA-2 kits in their several guises are cases in point. Eduard, of course, is right behind them with this second release for the missile on its launch platform.

The set contains one very large fret (5 x 7-inches) as well as a smaller fret. The large fret contains the major assemblies that completely replace the “cabin” or “lockers” that rotate with the launcher and contain the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic devices that keep things moving. These are further embellished with separate doors, frames, non-working hinges and locking knobs. The modeler is instructed to create struts that hold things open with plastic rod (or better yet, brass rod). The modeler must also emboss the back sides of many parts, using the already etched channels, in order to simulate the strengthening ribs seen on the various large sheet-metal components.

There are also access steps with perforated tread plates included as well as grills, hand-holds and other detail parts.The missile itself receives a few details as well. These include a plate for the rear end of the upper stage, straps, a circular vent and control surface details. The main benefit of this set is that the less-ambitious modeler can create a suitably detailed exterior, while the super-detailer can model the launcher with “everything hanging out”. To do this however, there is much to be done to the opened-up interior of the launcher unit. The good news is that most of the items inside are fairly easy shapes since they consist of boxes, cylinders, tubes, wires and hoses.

An astonishing reference has been produced by the Czech publisher, Wings & Wheels. See the new book “ZIL-157 in Detail”, Preset Vehicle Line No. 9 (My colleague, John Prigent has reviewed this book on the Missing Links site; check it out!). This book provides 127 color photos of the missile, launcher and its de-mountable transport bogies, aside from hundreds more photos of the truck and missile transporters.

Highly recommended.

Eduard products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.eduard.cz. Visit their web site for images of reviewed items.