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Decalomaniacs Russian Tactical Markings (WW2) (DM-027)

by Frank De Sisto

Waterslide decal sheets in 1/35th-scale. Price: $8.00 USD, each plus shipping.

Set 027, contains markings commonly applied to Red Army tracked and wheeled AFVs as seen during The Great Patriotic War, known in the west as World War II.

There are four main geometric items supplied: a diamond divided into upper and lower halves; a rectangle divided into two squares in the lower part and a rectangle in the upper part; the same item but with outer sides that taper inwards towards the top, and a triangle with two smaller triangles within its base. These come in solid yellow and white, while the diamonds are also given in a solid or stencil style.

There are two sizes of white and yellow numerals, as well as two sizes of Cyrillic letters, to be placed within the geometric designs. These last should also prove to be helpful in marking such things as the so-called “Zip” tool boxes or fuel tanks, where this lettering was sometimes seen.

There are basic line drawings given to aid in placement, as well as a fine written description of how the markings were used. References are noted and will be necessary for the modeler to get maximum use from this sheet.


Note: images have some markings shown in black for clarity.

Decalcomaniacs! products are available from the manufacturer at: www.decalcomaniacs.net.