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Sandits Double Ended Sanding Swabs

Orion Products Group LLC

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock Number and Description Sandits (from Orion Products Group LLC, Largo, Florida); double ended sanding swabs
Price: US$7.99
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Swab-like shape is unique and useful for a number of different sanding problems; twin grits (400/800) on each swab
Disadvantages: Nothing major noted
Recommendation: For all modelers with odd shapes to clean up



Once upon a time modelers would swipe whatever they could from the bathroom to do modeling - nail files, emery boards, clippers - or the workshop such as sandpaper of varying grits. But over the years a series of dedicated supplies of abrasives has made things much easier for modelers and also provides specific grits, sizes and shapes to meet special needs.

This set is a new entry and should prove quite useful for those odd bits that just don’t seem to be reachable with any other abrasive. The swabs are about six inches long and made of heavy plastic with a Q-tip shaped abrasive blob on each end; in this set it is 400 grit on one end and 800 grit on the other. There are also other grits available in this series.

The shapes are quite useful for a number of rounded bits that nothing else seems to reach. For armor that is the inside of cast type turrets in multiple parts that must be smoothed off to look like a single casing. Aircraft immediately bring up the insides of intakes and cockpit enclosures that cannot be reached by other means. Ships have stacks with insides that need to be cleaned out. Cars have lots of odd bits that need smoothing and filling but their curvatures make normal sanding impossible.

Overall this is a neat idea and one I am looking forward to making good use of in the future!

Contact is http://www.sandits.com for more information.