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New Vanguard 94: British Artillery 1914–19, Field Army Artillery

by Dale Clarke, illustrated by Brian Delf

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-688-7, 48 pages


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To greet the new Missing Links WW1 discussion group we have this new title from Osprey covering a rather neglected field. Mr Delf deals admirably with all the Field Artillery equipments from the 2.75 inch Screw Guns immortalised by Kipling to the 60 pounders – many of them available as kits. All the various guns between these two extremes are covered, with the 13 and 1 pounders featuring strongly of course.


A description of Artillery organisation kicks off the book very comprehensively in such a small compass. There’s enough here to satisfy any non-specialist, with the division between Field, Horse and Garrison Artillery explained too and not only the various gunners’ duties described but a look at gun position organisation as well. Then comes the main chapter, with a section devoted to each type of gun. The differences between the different Marks of each are explained and there’s a good selection of photographs to show them.
Those photographs are partly from contemporary sources and partly of preserved guns. The brilliant plates show colour schemes and markings – yes, some guns did carry markings – and there’s a section about the actual paint colours used to back them up.


This is excellent stuff for all WW1 modellers. Highly recommended.

John Prigent

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