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Mr Surfacer
500, 1000 and 1200

Reviewed by Brett Green


Stock Number and Description Mr Hobby
Mr Surfacer 500
Mr Surfacer 1000
Mr Surfacer 1200
Price: AUD$9.00 plus shipping from Creative Models Australia
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Versatile filling, smoothing and texturing agent; available in different thicknesses; may be thinned with lacquer thinners.
Recommendation: Recommended



Mr Surfacer is a liquid compound that may be used as a filler, a smoothing agent or to add texture to model parts.

I have been using Mr Surfacer for many years. I note that the three new samples that have just arrived are packed in wide-mouth screw-top glass jars. In my opinion, this is better than the previous packaging that featured a square glass jar with a very narrow neck.

Three thicknesses are now available. Mr Surfacer 500 is the thickest of the three, with 1000 much thinner and the 1200 being about the same consistency as many acrylic model paints.

I usually apply Mr Surfacer by brush or toothpick, depending on how large an area is being coated, but I have heard that some modellers even use the thinner grades (1000 and 1200) as a primer and micro-filler applied with the airbrush. The advantage of this liquid being applied as a primer is that it will cover scuff markings and sanding scars as well as small pin holes and blemishes.

We tend to focus on the latest and greatest kit or glamorous modelling tool, but using the right modelling materials can also have a big impact on the quality of our finished models. Mr Surfacer is one of those important modelling materials.


Thanks to Creative Models Australia for the samples www.creativemodels.com.au