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Mission Models Micro-Chisel

by John Prigent

This is just what I had been waiting for without knowing it. I’ve been testing it so can report that it works very well indeed. The 2mm chisel tip is small enough to get into most of the awkward places we all encounter when removing ejector pin marks, and razor sharp to slice cleanly either at those or in removing unwanted rivet or other surface detail that is to be replaced with photoetch.

It’s not surprising that the tip comes protected by a plastic sleeve and I recommend that you keep this on it whenever the tool is not in use, not just to protect the tip but to save cut fingers when you pick it up. This is not a thin blade, like an XActo chisel, but a solid steel 2 mm rod with the chisel tip machined onto it so there’s no risk of it bending to cause a slip in your cutting. That also means less risk of sliced fingers!

This tip is held in an equally solid steel handle115 mm long and about 6 mm thick, a very good size for easy use, with a rubber sleeve just where you want it for a secure grip. About 20 mm of the chisel’s business end stands free of the handle so it is easy to reach into confined spaces – the end of the handle tapers down a bit to make this even easier. The tip is machined down at a shallow angle for rigidity, with the actual sharp part forming its end. Its shaft is held to the handle by a grub screw so there’s no risk of it working loose.

A worthwhile purchase with it is the optional spare tip pack. This comes with not only a replacement for the standard tip but also an extra one with the tip machined to a curve, which will be very handy for getting into some areas, and both have protective sleeves. An Allen key for the grub screw is included – much better than anything else you could use – and there’s a spare screw as well.

Very highly recommended as an addition to your modelling tool set!