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Men-at-Arms 407: The German Army I World War I (2) 1915–17

by Nigel Thomas PhD, illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-566-X, 48 pages.


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Here’s another one for members of our new WWI forum. This second part of the German Army series covers the period immediately before Germany introduced tank units, so there are no tank crews in it. However, it does include the men who were transferred into tanks, and I understand that they kept their old uniforms and insignia for quite a while so you will still find the book useful.

It’s also clearly invaluable for anyone wanting to make a diorama of, for instance, Germans resisting the very first tank attack at Flers-Courcellette. It covers the whole spectrum of German uniforms, rank badges and unit insignia on both Western and Eastern Fronts, not neglecting the non-Imperial Army units such as the Bavarians. Infantry, cavalry, artillery, medical, you name it and the detail are here. Even the Air Service is included – like the Royal Flying Corps, the Luftwaffe began life as an Army affair. And speaking of the Air Service, I must point out one particular period photo which shows two observation balloon crewmen swaddled up against the cold and looking just like Michelin Men. The whole book is riddled with excellent period photos, and the plates are as good as anyone could ask for.


John Prigent

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