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American Firepower Series Volume One, The M-1 Carbine

by Tom Laemlein

Armor Plate Press, no ISBN, 52 pages

This is a great collection of NARA photographs showing the M-1 Carbine in use. The period ranges from WW2 to Korea and all the photos are very well reproduced, making this an excellent reference for how the carbine was handled and what its users looked like. Although there are a couple of US Army Ordnance drawings showing its action mechanism and the breakdown of parts this is not a “how to model it” book but one showing it in use in all kinds of circumstances. It becomes very clear that the carbine was not a poor relation of the rifle but a combat weapon in its own right, with USMC infantry, Army tankers, infantry MG crews and many others carrying it as their main personal armament. Here is superb reference for their combat uniforms and personal gear too, making this a great book for figure modellers as well as for AFV modellers wanting authentic figures to go with their tanks. And speaking of tanks, there are several nice shots to spice up the book for armour fans. A USMC M4A2 Sherman on Okinawa displays not only a variant I haven’t seen before on deep wading gear but also a neat concertina dustcover on the recoil section of its gun, there’s a Type 95 showing some markings on the next page and an early M4A3E8 with steel tracks and oval loader’s hatch, plus several other vehicles – even a Japanese bicycle with a registration plate!

The book is available from Armor Plate Press at www.armorplatepress.com for US$24.95 plus p&p but there’s no UK stockist yet.

Highly recommended!

John Prigent