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GREX Genesis XA Airbrush Set

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock Number and Description GREX Genesis XA airbrush set
Price: Retail price US$109.00
Contents: Single action airbrush
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Very simple design specifically designed for use with applying a large amount of color over a larger area.
Disadvantages: Single action is a change from many other airbrushes; stubby design requires adaptation by the user
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for all modelers applying either primer coats or covering large areas such as bases or terrain models



One change that many modelers will have noted is the rise of specific purpose airbrushes with much different designs than those most of us are used to when we paint with them. The new designs tend to be stubby (about 3" or so in length) and in what would seem to be a throwback feature are basically single action airbrushes where you preset the amount of paint or fluid to be projected by turning a knob or setting a needle shroud to fix the amount used.

This version of the GREX Genesis line was introduced in 2013 and I picked this particular one up at the AMPS 2016 show. I am slowly losing my Luddite belief in the supremacy of enamel paints and have been switching over to acrylics but have had some problems with getting a proper primer coat laid down on the model with acrylic paint. Bryant, the GREX representative at the show, said this is a much better design for use in such functions as it has a larger fluid reservoir (paint cup) of 7 ml (1/4 oz) and is perfect for laying down a single color at a set level over a larger area.

This particular one came with a 0.3mm needle so is a pretty good compromise for both flow volume (how much paint you can put down), coverage, and fine coverage where needed.

The kit comes with the airbrush in a very solidly packed plastic case, a wrench for assembly/disassembly, an alternative “quick connect” fitting for the air line, and a good set of directions and parts listing. Unlike other airbrushes in this family, there are no electric green plastic components which are the trademark of GREX airbrushes and accessories.

The airbrush feels a bit “naked” in the hand without the normal “tail” part of the handle, but it is quickly adapted to and soon feels right at its designed task.

Overall with a bit of care this airbrush should be priming models for many years to come!

Cookie Sewell