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Elite 124: World War II Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics

by Gordon L Rottman, illustrated by Steve Noon

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-842-1, 64 pages.

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This book gives everything you could possibly want to know about its subject. It discusses infantry vulnerability to tanks and tank vulnerability to infantry weapons in a very balanced manner, and then goes on to summarise the weapons types used. This chapter describes all the basic types, from anti-tank rifles and small-calibre anti-tank guns to bazookas and anti-tank grenades, including a discussion of the various types of projectile and their uses.

The evolution of general anti-tank tactics comes next, and to end there’s a long chapter looking at all the specific weapons of each main combatant’s army and the tactics used to employ them. Great stuff, just what is needed for dioramas. The photographs are well-chosen to show as many as possible of the major weapons, and the plates show how they were used.

This is a definite must-buy for anyone interested in the subject, of course, and also essential if you build dioramas that feature infantry and tanks together.


John Prigent

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