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Elite 122: World War II Infantry Tactics, Company and Battalion

by Dr Stephen Bull, illustrated by Peter Dennis

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-663-1, 64 pages.

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This follow-up to Elite 105 carries the story to the next level and is very interesting. It deals first with the tactics used by German, British and US units, both the doctrines and their applications in the attack. The next chapter covers the way that machine guns were used. It is followed by one on mortar support, and then one on the uses of mines. Antitank tactics are examined next, with descriptions of the infantry weapons used against tanks by all three armies and the various tactics evolved for them. The lighter antitank guns were also classed as infantry weapons, and get a short chapter to themselves. Next is a fascinating chapter on motorised and armoured infantry, giving insights into the ways that their tactics differed between the three armies, and finally there’s a short chapter on the theories of co-operation with tanks.

There are actual examples drawn from combat all through the book, and plenty of photographs. The plates show a variety of “ideal” layouts for infantry attacks and for defensive positions, based on the various issued manuals. All of this makes it a great reference for diorama builders as well as fascinating to read.


John Prigent

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