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Eduard Czech Hedgehog, photo-etched brass in 1/35 scale (35708)

by Frank De Sisto

Contains two frets and one page of instructions. Price: $19.95 USD.

Alongside the infamous concrete “Dragon’s Teeth”, perhaps the most widely known anti-armor obstacle is the so-called “Czech Hedgehog”. Consisting of three steel angle-iron girders, laid out in a triangular fashion and joined at the center by plates, these obstacles were typically mounted on concrete bases, on contested pieces of real estate such as Omaha Beach. Other times they were left un-attached on a hard surface so that they could be moved, thereby creating temporary barriers.

This is a rather simple set to use, but it does require that many nut/bolt assemblies be provided by the modeler. To ease the task, Eduard has etched hexagon shapes in various sizes completely through the frets, at the edges. The instructions then tell the modeler to heat a section of plastic sprue and press it into these openings, to create a nut/bolt head. Not a bad idea, but to save time, I’d use Grandt Line castings instead. Also, because of the length of each piece (about 48mm, or 1-7/8-inches), some sort of purpose-built hobbyist’s bending tool will ease the process.

This is a very handy set includes parts for four complete Hedgehogs. Therefore, a single set may prove to be a useful, relatively low-cost and easily constructed addition to either a vignette, or a section of a diorama.

Highly recommended.

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