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Osprey Campaign 104: D-Day 1944 (2) Utah Beach & the US Airborne Landings

by Steven J Zaloga, illustrated by Howard Gerrard

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd; ISBN 1-84176-365-9; 96 pages

Here, somewhat out of sequence, is the last instalment of Osprey’s D-Day set. It was well worth waiting for! As before it begins with notes on the German and US commanders and their forces before looking at the Allied invasion plan and the German plans to meet any attack.

But that’s only the first section. The actual action starts on page 28 and continues to the end of the book, dealing with the US Airborne landings first and the uncoordinated German response to them – including the Fallschirmjäger. Then from page 52 onward comes the seaborne assault, German counterattack and US push inland and up to Cherbourg. The action is described in detail and well illustrated by clear maps, bird's-eye views, colour plates and contemporary photographs.

Sample page

Sample page

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to know more about D-Day in a readable book, and of course invaluable for modellers wanting to set the scene for their figures or tanks.

John Prigent

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