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Decalomaniacs! Brasilian AFVs (Revised) (DM003)

by Frank De Sisto

Waterslide decals in 1/35th-scale. Price: $8.00 USD, plus shipping.

Modelers are always on the lookout for something different, be it in the subject they plan to build or the way in they choose to mark it. Decalcomaniacs! has made it their personal obsession to research and produce markings that are “off the beaten path”. Their revised sheet for Brazilian (that’s the English spelling, folks) AFVs is a typical example of their philosophy.

Markings are included for a total of seven US-supplied tanks and armored cars, as well as a French Renault FT-17. These include an M3 medium tank, an M3A1 light tank, an M3A1 scout car, an M4A1 medium tank, two M8 armored cars (one serving in Italy in 1944) and one M41 light tank. The odd man out is a Renault FT17, which has markings for a vehicle in service in the 1920s. Except where noted, all vehicles are depicted in service from the post-WW2 era, through the mid-1970s. All except the FT-17 (described as being painted “dark olive green”) are in standard US OD paint. The markings themselves consist of a segmented circle surrounding five stars, and vehicle serial numbers, all in white. The M8 stationed in Italy has a white “Viva Brasil/ Vila Jaguara” logo on its side, while the post-war M41 carries a small red/white unit flash on its turret.

The decals are crisply printed and are in separate numbered boxes on the sheet so they are easily matched up with the instructions. The clear backing covers the entire sheet, so the markings must be carefully cut and trimmed before dipping in water. The instructions consist of either drawings or photographs of the subject vehicles with clear placement information. References are also given, including available Osprey books and a related web site. All of this comes in a re-sealable Ziploc bag for care-free long-term storage. So, Decalcomaniacs! presents quite a complete package.

If you like “weird”, check this one out.


All white items on the decal sheets are shown in black for clarity.

Decalcomaniacs! products are available direct from the manufacturer in care of: Georg Eyerman, 315 South Avenue, Garwood, NJ, 07027, USA. Web site: www.decalcomaniacs.net, e-mail: decals@decalcomaniacs.net.