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Warrior 98: US Army Infantryman in Vietnam 1965–73

by Gordon L Rottman, illustrated by Kevin Lyles

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-887-1, 64 pages.

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You might ask “why review an infantry book?” The answer’s simple – infantry served beside the tanks in Vietnam so you’ll need to know about them for the base of your Academy Sheridan. Here’s everything you need: clothing, weapons, and behaviour. As usual in this series we see through the eyes of a fictitious recruit and follow him through training, service and eventual release from service, which gives all the information you need to model an infantryman in country. Our subject this time is Airmobile with 1st Cavalry Division, but he is dressed and equipped no differently to a straight-leg grunt so what you read here applies equally to any other US foot soldier you might want to set beside your tank or APC model. There are plenty of period photographs, including ones taken in Vietnam and showing the types of vegetation encountered, and excellent plates for the colour details. All just what a modeller needs!



John Prigent

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