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Legend Productions: Merkava MK.IIID Conversion Set (#LF 1084)

by Nicola Cortese

Legend Productions of Korea has recently released a plethora of really nice resin update sets, specifically for the Israeli Merkava family of tanks. Specifically designed to fit the Academy Merkava MK.IIID kit, this complete conversion consists of:

New turret:

Upper hull:

Side skirts and rear hull baskets:

All steel wheels:

This update set is both complete and comprehensive. Sharp and beautifully cast in a crème-colored resin, the only flash is on the really small items. It provides a complete package consisting of 2 small etch sets, ball chain amour, lead foil (for the rear hull baskets) and various sizes of brass wire.

This set addresses all the errors that the Academy kit is faulted for, which was based on the prototype at Latrun. All that is really needed is a set of (Friul or hopefully, one day ModelKasten) replacement tracks.

The Merakava is surely one of the sleekest, meanest looking modern vehicles ever to be produced and this upgrade set should be one of the more popular with modern amour modelers. Overall, it's a great conversion set and provides good overall value if you want an accurate Merkava IIID. Highly recommended.

This upgrade set can be purchased from The Barrel Store.