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Modelpoint 3528 30mm 2A42 barrel for BMP-2

by Ben Cliche

In a word … WOW!
Right, so much for preamble. The Modelpoint 30mm 2A42 gun barrel is an absolute gem. I cannot comment on dimensional accuracy, for lack of a readily available BMP-2 as reference. But let me tell you that looking at this item, especially the muzzle brake, gives you some measure of respect for the artisans at Modelpoint.

The plastic kit part this replaces appears to me to be grossly oversized. It also seems longer than it should be; perhaps to fake the eye out into thinking it's actually thinner than it is. Not so the turned brass piece. It's very slim and appears to be detailed accurately. That's not saying much given the simplicity of the actual real life tube, except for that muzzle break. It's a thing of beauty really, intricately machined to perfection. It's so delicate I advise modelers to use caution when handling it.

Honestly, I don't think you can make a decent BMP-2 without this little gem.
Most highly recommended.