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Modelpoint 3515 115mm 2A20 (U-5TS) barrel for T-62

by Ben Cliche

I'm not one to give in to the profligate usage of aftermarket items, especially turned barrels. If a kit's barrel is nice enough I don't mind spending the (therapeutic) time to glue it straight then sand it round and smooth. This should be kept in mind when reading my comments below.

I recently purchased this barrel at a show. The quality of this item is outstanding. I will not comment on the dimensional accuracy of the piece, not having a T-62 handy for measurements. Suffice to say that given Modelpoint's reputation to date, I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Comparing the aluminum barrel to the original Tamiya piece or even the resin barrel from Verlinden's T-62 update set is like having an epiphany. The other two barrels mentioned are apparently over scale and disproportioned. Particularly the plastic item, which is nothing more than a gross, undetailed tube. The resin item seems to be a copy of the plastic one, but at least it's reasonably detailed.

As a matter of fact, it has to be said that the Modelpoint barrel is not without faults. Being a turning, it does lack some of the finer details found on the resin item (you pick you technology, you live with it's limitations). I'm thinking here of the finer bolt details as well as the large flat weld line on the fume extractor. But to say that lessens the value of the turned barrel would be foolish. The absolute finesse of the two-part barrel (two parts so the artisans at Modelpoint could mill the radial notches in the extractor's tightening ring at the rear) is to be commended. Indeed, the accuracy of detail alone should recommend the aluminum item, what detail is lacking can easily be added by the average modeler.

In conclusion, if you've never bought an aluminum barrel or have never used a Modelpoint one, do yourself a favor and get one.
Very highly recommended.