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Modelpoint 3513 73mm 2A28 barrel for BMP-1

by Ben Cliche

As I've written elsewhere, I only buy turned barrels when they really stand out - and let me say that standing out is what this item does. But first a caveat, I will not comment on the dimensional accuracy of the tube since I don't have a live Bimp to crawl over near me. That said, the detail of the 73mm low-pressure tube is magnificent with every bump, ring and groove shown. The item is not only turned, it is also milled. Detail accuracy conforms to what photos I have. Comparing it to the plastic item it replaces is difficult. The plastic tube is so weak, you could be forgiven thinking that they weren't a scale representation of the same 1:1 piece. [MP-DMLcomp.jpg] That said, I find one problem with the Modelpoint item. The mount for the Malyutka (Sagger ATGM in NATO parlance) launcher rail is entirely absent from the turned barrel. One could try to salvage the part from the DML tube, but there is little point in that. A little bit of scratchbuilding will thus be in order. I do not foresee this being an obstacle for advanced modelers, but less experienced individuals might be troubled by it. All in all, a very nice little barrel. Very highly recommended.